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Getting to Chicago airport by car is something quite complicated. If you are going there and you are driving the car, make sure that you are thorough with the maps and the directions also. As there are two international airports in Chicago, you have to make sure which one you are to visit. After getting that right you have to find out the possible and probable ways to there. If you are a resident of Chicago then you will be thorough with the roads, intersections, and freeways and such. It is quite tough for a person from outside to understand the USA traffic and get to the airport.

If you are going to O’Hare airport from the various portions of Chicago, then you have to take different ways. Here you will get information about the possible ways that can help you to reach the airport easily. One thing that you have to know is there are indeed various ways to get to the O’Hare airport but that difference is in between the city. Once you get out of the city you have to follow the 1-90 interstate highway which is also known as Kennedy Expressway and follow the signs. You will reach the airport in time.

If you are going to the Midway airport then you have to take the same interstate but you have to move in a different direction. When you are going to O’Hare you have to first move to east and then to little north and then west straight. When you are going to Midway you have to move east and then straight south. Finally you age to move west and you will reach Midway airport. The description of the directions towards both the airports are very simple here. In reality they may not seem that simple.

If you are a resident of the area, then you do not require these directions, but if you are a tourist and is not very familiar with USA traffic then you will require and very detailed diction to both the airports. GPS will make your task a lot easier, because you will get to see your destination, your ways and also get a traffic alert in time. Despite that, it is not very wise to drive around in a place where you are a tourist and you have no clear idea about the roads. Indeed getting to the airport by car can be fun, but you also have to very careful about the ways, your driving and the rules of traffic.

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