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Chicago O'Hare Airport Buses

If you are a tourist then you will definitely like to enjoy the flavor and colors of a city. What can be more enjoyable and memorable than that? The best way to observe people in a city and getting closer to the so called flavor and color of the city is to getting into the public transport. Here you will get to meet the common and working class of the society and that will tell you a lot of things about the life and situation of the city. Chicago is also no different. So, when you are visiting Chicago try and get into the bus.

If you do not have the time during your stay, make your return journey a trip for collecting as much personal experience as possible. There are various bus services available in the city of Chicago. Some of them are run by the government and some are private. Get into any which will get to you the airport through which you will be leaving the country. As both the airports are quite near the city of Chicago, loads of buses go to the airport. You can get into one which will help you to reach the airport in time to catch your flight.

If you are operating through Midway airport, then you have two options. You have to get to the CTA Midway train station, which is a minibus depot too. You have to take either 55 or 59 number bus and you can reach downtown Chicago. On the way you will be able to pass by a lot of interesting places. If you are going to O’Hare, then also there are buses which will take you straight to the airport. There are various regional bus services available to and from O’Hare and you can take up any of them to get to the terminals 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Indeed going to the airport by a bus is an interesting aspect, but you also have to remember that these are public transports and you have to travel with a lot of more people and your entire luggage. The scenario may not seem very inviting now. If you somehow get on a bus with your luggage to get to the airport, that will not be a very wise decision. These transports are not made to avail huge or numerous luggage. Your journey will become an unnecessary hazard and you will only create inconvenience for yourself and your fellow passengers. Think about these before you even get into a bus.